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Professional TV Mounting Vs. DIY

Professional TV Mounting Vs. DIY

Upgrading the television in your living space or media room can be a welcome enhancement to any home, but actually installing and mounting the device can be a pain. Most modern TVs are best suited for wall mounting, as it helps save space and improve the TV viewing experience.

Many homeowners may choose the standard route of mounting their TV themselves, but at Doms TV Mounting OKC, we know the best option for your home is hiring professional help for your TV mounting project. Not only does professional work produce professional results, but it also saves homeowners from the hassle of a DIY.

To learn more about how professional TV mounting is the best option for your Oklahoma City home, read below, or call your local home theater installer, Doms TV Mounting OKC, today!

Avoiding Wall Damage

As far as DIY blunders go, home damage is one of the worst! And when you're mounting a television set to a wall, it can be incredibly easy to do some major damage to your living space's walls.

TVs must be mounted in spaces that can fit the screen and can keep the heavy device secure. It's also imperative to pay close attention to detail when mounting, as a slip of the tape measurer or leveler can lead to lopsided results. Small mistakes can lead to much larger problems, such as a fallen TV damaging the drywall or multiple mounting attempts weakening the wall's strength.

Eliminating The Risk Of Personal Injuries

More than just doing damage to your home, a DIY TV mounting project can do physical harm! Modern TVs are large, heavy devices, and carrying them incorrectly is a quick way to cause damage to your back muscles. There's also the additional use of nails, hammers, and mounting equipment, which, when handled incorrectly, are quite capable of drawing blood.

Protecting Your Equipment

Your new TV was a huge investment- the last thing you want to do is damage the device before you even get the chance to watch it. Amateur TV mounting can lead to dropped and damaged TVs, a scratched or cracked screen, and broken wiring- costing you a good chunk of change.

By hiring a trained professional for your TV mounting project, you can locate the perfect spot, secure the TV's full weight, and access the TV's full function. The home theater installation experts at Doms TV Mounting OKC can provide additional services, including surround sound set-up, device configuration, and more, all while protecting you, your home, and your new TV from any harm.

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